Meet The Team


Our Long Time Members are like

Staple Drinks in our Speak Easy.



Founder David S.

Homeboy is like a nice shot of Jaeger.

AKA cough medicine.

He can be sweet but is mostly rough around the edges,

might make you gag, and is great for clearing your sinuses,

whatever that means. Straight-forward, respectable, and a huge weeb,

he’s loved by us all here at Speak Easy Gaming and goes by the

handle harpybrother_1.


Community Leader Kenneth S.

Mother Kenneth is a buttery nipple.

We beg your pardon.

What we mean to say is that he is smooth, sweet, and packs a

surprising punch. He’s easily the classiest member of the group, with

love for all things elegant. Find him in the Voice Chats under his handle,